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Cleaning Services

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Providing comprehensive cleaning solutions across a diverse range of establishments - From general cleaning to deep cleaning for all types of buildings, like malls, hospitals, and commercial towers.

General Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Sterilization Services

Pest Control

Championing Training and Versatility
Quality and Safety

Continuous training is vital for Global Power staff to ensure better and quality services. Global Power recognizes the significance of education and training in developing human assets and implementing effective quality measures. With a focus on remote access and specialized functions, well-trained personnel are crucial. Our team undergoes professional training for various tasks, including inspections and testing. Rope access services allow us to provide flexible and comprehensive inspection programs. 

Safety is a top priority, and our commitment to high standards has earned us an excellent track record. Training and development programs, both in-house and off-site, equip our staff with necessary skills and knowledge. External experts facilitate workshops and seminars, expanding expertise. Supervisors also provide on-the-job training to enhance skills. 

Continuous training empowers our staff to deliver better services and meet client needs while upholding quality and safety standards. Global Power believes that a well-trained workforce is essential for success in an ever-changing industry.



Our Projects highlights a diverse range of initiatives we have undertaken. Each project showcases our dedication to excellence, innovative solutions, and commitment to our clients' success. We take pride in providing tailor-made solutions that drive growth and achieve the goals set out for us

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